RS system-flooring 2-K synthetic resin construction mortar

RS-system-flooring using 2-K synthetic resin construction mortar meets the classic requirements for acid-resisting construction. RS-system-flooring is available from a construction thickness of about 25 mm.

The product can be used directly on concrete or screed. If the surface is without gradient, this can be provided as required. It is also possible to remove faulty flooring coatings by, e.g. milling, so that the product can be applied to firm surfaces. The high adhesive power of the synthetic resin construction mortar, type RS-2KHM, ensures a high-strength surface bond after appropriate surface preparation.

The ceramic tiles are placed in the fresh construction mortar and subsequently compacted and levelled mechanically so that the excess synthetic resin is pressed into the surface and partly into the joint spaces. RS-system-flooring is tough and hard-wearing. RS-system-flooring allows an individual gradient arrangement in combination with the RS water drainage system.

RS-system-flooring can be combined with appropriate RS seals. Shiftdredge cement, type RS-VSKEP or RS-VSK-EP-V below the tiles offers a high-strength bond with the construction mortar bed.

RS ceramric tiles of high-quality stoneware with high-quality RS joint cement round off the product range. Connection to walls and foundations can take place with either ceramic corner base plates or stainless steel corner profiles. This allows the use of a combination of materials in areas subject to impact stress, e.g. supports, door frames or thermal walls or the use of only stainless steel.

The stainless steel corner profiles are also available with sealing flange. This allows the RS seal to be applied with a professional finish, e.g. to thermal walls. There ist also the option to use RS stainless steel plates which fit perfectly in the joint arrangements of the RS ceramic tile. These plates are used where high mechanical stresses can be expected through scratches or constant impacts, e.g. below valve assemblies with frequent changing of heavy-duty hose coupling connections, access ramps or ramp heads. The transitional areas to doors and high points as well as drainage connection points are lined with stainless steel profiles.

RS-system-flooring takes into account existing surface joints using appropriate stainless steel profiles.

RS-system-flooring meets the highest demands. It is ideal for complying with the Water Resources Act.

Advantages of RS-system-flooring:
– Suitable for sealing existing flooring.
– Low construction thickness of about 25 mm.
– High beding strength
– High compressive strength
– High chemical resistance
– Compliant with Water Resources Act
– Electrical conductivity
– Individual drainage arrangement
– Individual gradient arrangement
– Colour scheme
– Slip resistance according to BGR 181
– Suitable for use on existing floor coverings.
– In most cases, production facilities do not need to be moved or can be placed
on flat stainless steel elements.
– The entire plant can be brought to the existing level again.














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