RS system flooring

We thank for your interest in RS system flooring with HV technology. Since its introduction, RS has been setting standards in the area of acid-resistant ceramic flooring. RS is synonymous with high-quality an durable flooring worldwide.

Some of the benefits of RS are shown below.

Individual RS seals with and without approval, compliant with the Water Resources Act, depending on the specific application.

RS construction mortar, mineral modified or 2-K synthetic resin construction mortar. RS shift-dredge cement of ready to use, modified mineral materials for use with high-quality RS ceramic tiles. This product also contains high-quality 2-K synthetic resin. Also available is a conductive type for hazardous areas.

RS shift-dredge cement of synthetic resin with a special woven fleece insert for greater protection against attacking media is also a speciality of our company.

RS-HV ceramic tiles – Made in Germany – of wear-resistant stoneware and the renowned RS-HV joint technology is synonymous with highquality and performance among those familiar with ceramic acid-resistant flooring.

RS-HV joint technology means: The joint profile of the ceramic tile undercut in dovetail form and the special underside of the RS-HV ceramic tile anchor themselves with high bond strength with the RS shift-dredge cement and RS joint cement.

The advantages of the HV technology show as soon as the RS-HV ceramic tile is placed in the RS shift-dredge cement.

Grouting RS-HV ceramic tiles using RS joint cement, formulated to suit the specific application, produces a strong, form-locking bond in the area of the tile joint.

Every RS system flooring can be installed with the RS water drainage system, floor drains or channels, with or without gradient as required.

RS system flooring:
– RS – water drainage
– RS – seal
– RS – shift-dredge cement
– RS – joint cement
– RS – construction mortar
– RS – HV ceramic tile
– RS – stainless steel plate
– RS – HV joint technology

We are represented worldwide with our own installers. We have partners in England, Brazil and Japan.
























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